Therapy assists an individual to gain greater understanding of themselves – including issues that they struggle with and why they behave as they do in certain situations.  With this greater insight, an individual can deal with past issues that are affecting current functioning and develop appropriate coping skills that they can apply throughout life.

I offer individual therapy for children, teenagers and adults.  Children from as young as 5 years can engage in play therapy. From around the age of eleven onwards, clients engage in talk therapy.


Individual therapy sessions via Skype are offered to individuals who are unable to attend sessions at the office. This aims to make therapy more accessible to those wanting to engage in the process but who may live out of the area, or for those who have entered therapy and then moved away, for example students attending university in another province.


Young children struggle to understand their emotions, let alone adequately express their thoughts and feelings in words.  A child’s natural form of communication is play.  Thus play therapy is suited to a child’s developmental level and provides a natural, non-threatening way for a child to express their true thoughts and feelings.  Play is then used to assess areas of difficulty and to assist a child to resolve emotional and behavioural issues.

When a child is referred for therapy, an initial session is conducted with the parents.  Parents provide a full developmental and educational history of the child, as well as insight into family dynamics.  The presenting problem will also be discussed in the initial session.  Thereafter therapy sessions will be conducted alone with the child. 

Play therapy can be conducted for issues such as;

  •     Bedwetting
  •     Anxiety
  •     Depression
  •     Behavioural issues
  •     Social skills development
  •     Coping with Trauma


I see each client that enters therapy as an individual.  In this way my therapeutic approach  is flexible in order to adapt to a client’s presenting concerns, preferences, personality and budget.  I practise a client-centred approach that provides clients with an opportunity to be heard and valued in a non-judgmental environment.  My focus in therapy is often based on Schema Therapy which considers the impact of childhood experiences on subsequent patterns of thinking. I also use techniques from Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Narrative Therapy.  I believe that the relationship developed with a client has the greatest impact on the outcome of therapy.  It is important to create an environment that communicates respect, care and a genuine interest.

I work with individuals experiencing a variety of issues including;

  •     Mood Disorders – including Depression and Bipolar Mood Disorder
  •     Anxiety
  •     Eating Disorders
  •     Grief
  •     Trauma
  •     Relationship issues
  •     Addiction


I have presented workshops on the following topics to teachers in the Greater Durban Area:

  • Helping Children Cope – The workshop included aspects on children’s emotional development, factors that effect emotional development, and coping skills.
  • Children and Trauma – The traumas explored included bullying, divorce, grief and abuse.  Signs and symptoms of trauma were included as well as coping techniques for the affected children.
  • Bullying – The focus was on types of bullying, symptoms of a bullied child and interventions for children, parents and teachers.


Confessions of an Addict – a SANCA endorsed DVD focusing on the impact of substance abuse.  DVD available from Darkroom Productions –

I am contracted in to most medical aids and I am therefore able to submit directly to the medical aid. A cash rate is also offered.